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WINa holiday toGalapagosIslands valued at $17K WINaNikon D810Lensvalued at $5KKit

It’s easy!

Just choose your favourite activities below in Galapagos and you could win 17K to experience your own adventure.

You will also win the Nikon D810 lens kit to capture the experience of a lifetime!

Choose your own adventure now!

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Choose your own adventure…

It’s 8:30am in the Galapagos. What would we find you doing?

  • Doing yoga on the beach with a seal

  • Taking a quick morning dip before breakfast

Choose your own adventure…

What photos would you most likely be taking?

  • Beautiful sea animals

  • Adventure shots all the way

Choose your own adventure…

What’s your ideal gear to shoot with?

  • Compact and light is best for me

  • I’m a pro so I need only the best

Please complete our three questions above.

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You could win a 17K Galapagos holiday as well as a 5K Nikon D810 lens kit.
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